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Site Selection

Site Selection / Location Advisory
All Out Location provides international site selection services with the sole aim of identifying the optimal location(s) for a company, whether they are in the process of expansion, reconfiguration, or consolidation. Our work is not focused on securing a real estate transaction, or gaining an incentive-based success fee, therefore we maintain an independence from the implementation stage. Instead, we work our clients to: 
  • Understand the key drivers of the project
  • Carry out detailed primary and secondary analysis across a full range of location factors. Typically, we will follow a process of shortlisting to identify a small number of countries, before refining to specific cities.
  • Develop weighted cost / quality models where relevant to the project, which includes thorough and robust sensitivity testing.
  • Accompany our clients on city site visits, where they are able to gain a deeper understanding of each location, and engage with local stakeholders.
To support our location services, we have a network that enables the client to progress through implementation.
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