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FDI & Trade Training
All Out Location provides FDI and Trade training services to EDO / IPA clients that ensure staff have the tools they need to succeed in their role. We provide these services in the form of discrete face-to-face modules, which are available to a single client, or to individual staff from different EDOs / IPAs. All our training is tailored to the location and circumstances of the group, but modules include:
  • Key FDI and export trends
  • Fundamentals of investment promotion / FDI attraction

  • Developing a compelling proposition
  • The primary marketing tool - your website

  • Use of social media

  • Understanding how investors choose a location

  • Optimizing your lead generation activity

  • Prioritizing opportunities / account management

  • Presenting your investor offer

  • Defining your approach to aftercare / business retention

  • Enabling your local companies to grow exports

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